Best Board and Card Games for the Road

Even though we live in a tiny Peugeot Boxer conversion, we have a whole cupboard just for board and card games!

It’s such a fun ice breaker to connect with other people on the road, and also a great way to pass a rainy day inside your camper. Now I normally steer clear of product list blogs, because I want to encourage people to consume less, not more!

But you really can’t beat a night of games and laughter in the van, so I will make an exception this time!

So without any further ado – here are some of our favourite board and card games for the road!


Players: 2 -8 (But best with 3 – 5)
Size: Pocket Size

Dobble is like a grown up version of snap!

Bear with me, its actually really fun. Each card has got a load of different pictures on it. No matter what card you have in your hand, there is always a symbol that matches with every other card.

The aim of the game is to get rid of all your cards first, shouting out the matching symbol on your set of cards and slamming it down before anyone sees the match they have between their own card and the one on the table.

The winner is the person with no cards left over first. This is a serious adrenaline pumper, and a terrible game to play once you are a bit tipsy. Those darn symbols get all wiggly and hard to see after a glass of wine (but I am a lightweight!)

There are also a few fun variations that you can play which are called ‘mini games’. You will find all of these in the packet.

You can buy Dobble here.

Love Letter

Players: 2 – 4 (3-4 is best)
Size: Pocket Size

Love letter is a risk, deduction and luck game that I discovered in France.

As a player, you want to get as close to the princess as possible to deliver a love letter. That’s the scenario, but really it’s a simple card game where you want to be the last man standing.

Each deck in the pack is a different character e.g. Prince, Countess, King, Servant, Guard.

You try and get rid of the other players throughout the game, through a mixture of luck and educated guesswork. If you can work out which character your opponents have, they are a gonner! Each game takes around 20 minutes, and it’s a lot of fun!

The cards get worn quite quickly and it can be easy to then know who has each character in their hand.

To remedy this, I would recommend getting some card protectors.

You can buy Love Letter here


Size: Medium definitely not for a backpacker!
Players: 2 -12. But you need to be an even number. 6 is the max I would like to play with or waiting for your turn takes forever.

Sequence was brought into my family by an American friend, and it’s our go to ice breaker game when meeting new people.

You work in teams to make lines of 5 counters on the board, using your playing cards which correspond with places on the board. The Jacks can remove counters or put them onto a place of your choice, depending on how many eyes they have.

Yes, that’s right! I never noticed that half the Jacks are in profile and half are face on.

There are more rules we like to play. Like if you forget to pick up a card, you have to play with less. I love playing this game with my cousin Lyall because he ends up playing with 2 cards when the rest of us have 8. And he’s a successful software man – makes me feel better about living in a van!

The mixture between luck and strategy is just perfect, and working in teams makes it very sociable. It’s also a good game to play for 2 people, so it keeps us entertained on a stormy day in the Peugeot Boxer.

You can buy Sequence here

Jungle Speed

Players: 2-10
Size: Pocket sized… if you have quite big pockets lol

If you like a bit of wrestling involved in your card games, look no further.

Jungle speed is another complicated version of snap. You have cards with symbols on them which look almost alike. When you finally find two cards that match, you all dive onto the table and try to pick up the wooden stick (totem) first.

This often ends up with a pile of you wrestling on the floor and screaming you had it first. Or maybe me and my friends are just immature.

You can buy Jungle Speed here


Players: 2 or more
Size: If you just give every player 5 dice and use cups from your van, then it’s pocket size. If you buy the colourful cups and dice that me and my friends use, then it’s the size of several stacked plastic cups. (the dice get stuffed inside the top cup)

The final game I am going to recommend is called Perudo.

This game is a mxture of strategy and luck. Each player has a cup full of dice. Everyone shakes their dice and only looks at their own. You then take turns guessing how many of a certain number is on the table. You have to keep adding a higher number until someone calls bullshit.

If you were right about there not being that many dice, the other person loses one. If you were wrong, you lose one. If you say Perudo, it means you think there are EXACTLY that many dice and you have the chance to win a die back. (But it’s risky, because you won’t always be right.)

This game is really fun, and there is so much tension built up when there are only two players left with any dice. Definitely a game to be enjoyed on a long evening with a cold drink and good company.

You can buy Perudo here

I hope you enjoyed this article about board games for the road!

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