Highly Sensitive Nomad: The Book!

Dear friends,

I have some good / scary news that I wanted to share with you.

My first book has finally been published, and I’m feeling slightly sick and delirious to be honest. 😱

It’s taken 2 years and 1 mental breakdown to write this, and I am a little horrified that my regrets, hopes and mistakes are all laid out for the world to see. But if it helps one sensitive person make peace with this world, it was worth it!

About the book 

How can sensitive people make peace with a broken world?

The ocean is riddled with plastic, the rainforests are disappearing, and the economy is screwed. Add a splash of climate change plus a sprinkle of global pandemics, and it’s no wonder so many of us feel completely overwhelmed. 

In the midst of all the reasons to panic, Highly Sensitive Nomad is a book of resilience and hope. 

Brutally honest and deeply compassionate in equal measure, a sensitive young woman shares her unconventional journey to healing from burnout. A journey that started with a tent in the wilds of Scotland, and ended in the back of a Peugeot Boxer. 

Highly Sensitive Nomad offers a unique perspective on the crises faced by the people and the Earth. Because by understanding how these crises interact, we make it possible to heal them both.  

Content Note:

📚References to sexual violence and abuse
📚References to drug addiction
📚Discussion of mental health and suicide
📚Occasional mild swearing

Recommended Reading Age:


How to read Highly Sensitive Nomad:

📚Kindle Store
📚Apple Books

Audio & paperback versions to be released next year, when the world is a bit less… 2020.

If don’t do ebooks, you can look out for the paperback next year, or you can do me the honour of telling a sensitive friend about the book instead.

Don’t forget you can download the kindle app on various devices, like your pc. But if you are boycotting Bezos, Apple Books works too.

I really appreciate all the kind words of encouragement, support and understanding that the followers of this blog have shared with me over the last year. It’s been the strangest time, but connecting with so many caring people, has restored so much of my faith in human goodness.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, and I look forward to getting to know you even more over the coming years.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the peace and happiness that you dream of.


Rachel xox

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Freelance writer and Journalist. Author of Highly Sensitive Nomad.

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