Living in a house (with a toilet and everything!)

Hello lovely people,  It has been a whole week since I moved into a real house with doors and a flushing toilet. I thought I’d say a few words on what that has been like so far.  Firstly, the view! From my bedroom I can see cloud shrouded mountains and hear the ding dong ofContinue reading “Living in a house (with a toilet and everything!)”

Thank you and Take Care

Hello to everyone who has been kind enough to follow my blog this year. I really appreciate each and every one of you for encouraging, supporting and inspiring me through this strange and difficult time for so many of us. Of course, there have been so many things to give thanks for this year. ButContinue reading “Thank you and Take Care”

Highly Sensitive Nomad: The Book!

Dear friends, I have some good / scary news that I wanted to share with you. My first book has finally been published, and I’m feeling slightly sick and delirious to be honest. 😱 It’s taken 2 years and 1 mental breakdown to write this, and I am a little horrified that my regrets, hopesContinue reading “Highly Sensitive Nomad: The Book!”